Scholarship Recognition Categories

In 2002, the Chicago Alumni Chapter Board of Directors approved a recognition category for CAC members and “friends of the CAC” whose cumulative donations to the various Chicago Alumni Chapter Scholarship Programs had reached the $1,000.00 level. In 2014, the Chicago Alumni Chapter board agreed to recognize multiple different levels of giving to CAC scholarships.

CAC 500 Club Members ($500 – $999)

Name Chapter
Jeffrey D. Berlat Eta Psi
April G. Diehl Lambda Nu
Marc Franson Alpha Iota
Gregary W. Howell Lambda Mu
Gregory J. Koch* Kappa Omicron
Darren J. Lenox Alpha Omega
Shawn C. O’Neil Alpha Chi
James D. Sparks Gamma Pi
Sandra L. Tartol Iota Sigma

CAC 1000 Club Members ($1,000 – $1,920)

Name Chapter
Peter G. Bjelan Alpha Omega
Chicago Alumni Chapter
Warren C. Dulski Gamma Pi
Richard D. Foster Iota Omicron
James W. H. Gerhardt Alpha Omega
Jeffrey Gratton Alpha Omega
E. Robert Hautzenroeder Alpha Rho
Kara Lenox Epsilon Xi
Robert W. McKnight Epsilon
Mark A. Roberts Gamma Omicron

CAC Centennial Club Members ($1,921 – $2,499)

Name Chapter
Wesley C. Dunlap Omega
Timothy D. Gover Beta Phi
Howard E. Hight Alpha Omega
Ruben C. Johnston Mu Nu

CAC Presidents’ Club Members ($2,500 – $4,999)

Name Chapter
Deltasig House Corporation Beta
Clarence (and wife Stephanie) Frank* Gamma Rho
Ram Gopal Eta Sigma
James L. Prescott Gamma Pi
Michael A. Vitale Beta Xi

CAC Scholarship Patron ($5,000 – $7,499)

Name Chapter
Anonymous Brother
Joseph T. Ward Zeta Xi
Jeffrey E. Zych Alpha Omega

CAC Royal Purple Society ($7,500 – $9,999)

Name Chapter
You could be the first!

How do I qualify for these recognitions?

The usual requirements for making donations still apply: donations must be in the amount of $25 or more ($100 or more is suggested) to one or both of the CAC Scholarships, and must not be general (unrestricted) donations to the DSP Leadership Foundation. When your donations reach a cumulative amount of $500.00 we will let you know that we wish to honor you for your generosity. There is no time period in which you need to reach the $500.00 amount.

Your checks for $25 or more ($100 or more is suggested) should still be payable to the DSP Leadership Foundation. Be sure to specify which CAC scholarship (or both depending on the amount of your donation) you wish your donation to be applied to. If you wish to know how close you are to $500.00 just email the CAC Scholarship Chair. You can also make these donations online at the National website.  In the “Comments” box on the online donation form specify which CAC Scholarship(s) you wish your donations to be applied to. DO NOT indicate “in memory of” or “in honor of” in this box as these are special categories that are not CAC Scholarships!

* = Deceased

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