CAC 2022 Scholarships

CAC 2022 Scholarship Applications will become available early next year!

Prepared by CAC Scholarship Chairman James L. Prescott

As the 2021 CAC Scholarship deadline is now past (June 1st),  those wanting to apply for a CAC Scholarship for 2022 will have to wait till the Leadership Foundation opens their computer for the next group of applications.  Applications for 2022 will open 2/15/2022. 

The Chicago Alumni Chapter currently has two scholarships.  The first scholarship is a collegiate scholarship for a member of one of our 7 local collegiate chapters (Zeta, Alpha Psi, Alpha Omega, Eta Mu, Gamma Pi, Kappa Phi, or Zeta Xi).  It is named after CAC Past President/Past Grand President Thomas M. Mocella, a member of Beta Chapter. We started this scholarship in 2000.

The second CAC Scholarship is a Grad School/Law School scholarship for Chicago Alumni Chapter members! It is named after CAC Past President/Past Grand President H.G. “Gig” Wright, also a member of Beta Chapter. To be eligible to apply for this scholarship you need to be a member of the CAC in the fiscal year you apply and must also be a CAC member in the fiscal year the scholarship will be presented. Scholarships are paid in September, which is the next fiscal year.

To start working on either scholarship application you need to go to the Leadership Foundation section of the National website. You must submit online your completed application no later than June 1.

Or you can go to our scholarships by clicking on HTTPS://WWW.DELTASIGMAPI.ORG/SCHOLARSHIPS. Once there click on the green “Browse Scholarships” box. Our two scholarships are listed in the “North Central Province Scholarships” box. Select one scholarship only! Scholarships are paid out in September.

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