2020 CAC Scholarship Recipients

2020 CAC Scholarship Recipients
Written by James L. Prescott, CAC Scholarship Chairman

I am pleased to announce that we have two recipients for our Chicago Alumni Chapter Scholarships this year. Winning the CAC-Thomas M. Mocella Collegiate Scholarship is Holly Reuss. Holly is a member of Kappa Phi Chapter at Valparaiso University. Kappa Phi Chapter is one of seven collegiate chapters that we consider to be in our area. Her one year scholarship is $1,400. The recipient of the CAC-H. G. “Gig” Wright Scholarship is Allan Schuster, a member of the Chicago Alumni Chapter. The amount of his one year scholarship is $1,300. 

I am pleased to announce that both of our Scholarships have improved considerably since their founding in 2000 and 2002 when the original amount of the scholarships were only in the hundreds of dollars. But today we are helping our Brothers pay for their higher education much more than in the beginning!  And, it is our intention to continue building both of our scholarships. Your help will be very much appreciated in this effort. Scholarship applications for 2021 will become available in February 2021 on the national website.

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