CAC/”Gig” Wright Fellowship

In 2002, the CAC Board of Directors began working with the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation on a second scholarship. This new scholarship would be available to Chicago Alumni Chapter dues paid members pursuing a graduate degree. This fellowship is named after H. G. “Gig” Wright. “Gig” Wright is a past president of the Chicago Alumni Chapter and a Past Grand President.

“Gig” began his fraternity career in 1914 as a charter member of Beta Chapter. He left school soon after initiation to work in the family business, but soon returned to school, was elected chapter president and was awarded the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key. His personality and drive would gain him national recognition at the 1920 Congress of Chapters, at which he was the delegate from the Chicago Alumni Chapter. His leadership at this point in time was considered by many to be crucial to the continued existence of Delta Sigma Pi. At the time of the 1920 Congress of Chapters (what we now know as Grand Chapter Congress), there was great concern about the lack of new chapters being installed. It was a full two years after World War I had ended but the fraternity had not rebounded and quickly expanded, as had other fraternities. There was great concern that the fraternity might even cease to exist. “Gig” Wright so impressed the delegates assembled at the 1920 Congress of Chapters that he was elected Grand President. This was the first time a brother from a chapter other than Alpha Chapter was elected Grand President. “Gig” would not let the fraternity down. In his two terms as Grand President, over two dozen new chapters would be installed and a new spirit would sweep the fraternity.

Upon leaving the Grand Presidency, “Gig” established The Central Office in Chicago and served as Grand Secretary-Treasurer (now called Executive Director) for 29 years. His extraordinary leadership and service over the years earned him the title of “Mr. Deltasig”. The Central Office building in Oxford, Ohio was dedicated to “Gig” in 1956.

We are pleased to name this Fellowship in memory and in honor of Henry Gilbert “Gig” Wright for his tremendous service to Delta Sigma Pi at the national and local levels. This Fellowship has been endowed by the brothers as well as friends of the Chicago Alumni Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi. We continue to welcome donations to this Fellowship (which are added to the Fellowship endowment) as a way to increase the annual award. We are pleased to remember “Gig” with this lasting tribute.

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